DURATION Typically two-hours, in addition to a shared meal. Smaller groups may not take as much time, however two-hours should be planned for from the beginning in order to accommodate growth. For evening groups, a meal may be eaten during the gathering time if necessary.

PRIMARY GATHERING FORMAT ELEMENTS Each week our gatherings will consist of three main segments, in addition to a meal. Each of these pieces is vital; they rely and build upon each other. Please do not omit any of these elements.

SHARING OUR LIFE This segment is designed to help us learn about one another’s week, in addition to offering an opportunity to reflect on our successes and frustrations living out the commitments we made to God in our previous meeting.

ENGAGING WITH GOD This element is focused on learning from the Holy Spirit and God’s word, through one another. If a worship leader is present we will worship at this time, but if not the worship time is omitted.

PREPARING TO SERVE In this component we reflect on what we have experienced together, and ask the Holy Spirit to help us select a person or two that we can reach out to in the coming week.

EATING TOGETHER It is vital to the health of each group that they share a meal together, if possible . While the meal can be omitted if necessary, this can significantly and negatively impact the dynamic of the group.