Home Church is a family of believers who meet in homes for discipleship and multiplication . Although we have individuals in our community at all stages of the Christian journey, the overall expectation of our membership is one of high participation and commitment.

A core value of Home Church is what theologians call “The Priesthood of all Believers” . Scripture teaches that every believer has a role to play in building the Kingdom of God . Every believer is a “priest”, every Christian is a point of contact between heaven and earth – and a full-time missionary to the people around them.

Much of modern Christianity treats the faith like a football game, where the crowd sits in the stands and watch while “professionals” play the game.

At Home Church there are no spectators, only players on the field. Every single person has a role to play in furthering the cause of Christ . While there may be “players” who specialize in certain tasks, everyone is a vital part of the team.

Our weekly Home Church gatherings act sort of like a huddle on the field, pausing to reflect on the task at hand and strategizing how and who we will win for Christ.